Student Accommodation

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In the UK there are over 2 million students and more than £4 bn is spent annually, maintaining and developing buildings. The UK is seeing a growth in international students, as well as a general increase in student numbers despite increases in tuition fees. Students’ demands and expectations are now higher than ever, with many looking for accommodation that offers WiFi, communal facilities and high quality accommodation. Many universities face strong competition attracting new students.
We work closely with our clients, aiming to meet the aspirations of students, whilst ensuring the product is aligned to the requirements of their target market and brand. We focus on improving the efficiency in building design, a good standard of finish and provision of space for social interaction space including dining rooms, gyms and cinemas.
We understand the specific challenges of working in live environments, phasing of work and  programming to suit the  academic timetable, whilst minimising noise and disruption.
Our team have worked on student accommodation projects in London, Cambridge, the Midlands and South East across various project sizes.